Startup Voucher

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Startup Voucher

As part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, the Portuguese government will award 30,000 euros in innovation vouchers. These Vouchers provide three types of support: funding for startups in the early phase; funding for startups applying for ignition or acceleration programs; and funding for the demonstration of technology or business/service model, developed by startups, which allows the startup to demonstrate its technology by proving its effectiveness (pilot projects).

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Who is it for

Startups or projects that want to create or develop digital business models with a green component. Startups with less than 10 years and incorporated in Portugal. Startups in sectors with greater technology and knowledge intensity or that value the application of R&D results in the production.

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The Venture Builder

The Venture Builder brings to you an Innovation Hub that generates connections between the actors of the Brazilian, Latin, and North – American and European ecosystems.

In a plural environment: startups, large companies, investment funds, mentors, and universities exchange experiences, generate business, and create new solutions.

In 15 years of the existence of The Venture Builder, we have helped a number of startups enter the European market on the “right foot” thanks to our competent team and considerable professional contacts.

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In a controlled and gradual way. This is how interested startups will use Portugal as a Gateway. With our program, Softlanding, they will have access to 500 million European high-income consumers. In this program, we help startups and companies with a small investment to enter the European Union.

We provide support to structure access to finance and build the appropriate processes according to the specific capital, skills, and processes needed of startups and companies, helping them scale sustainably.

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A Nossa Equipa

Carlos Cortes

Rui Rego

José Alvarenga

Pedro Jordão



NIF  also known as contribution or personal tax number destined to treat all the information involving finance and fiscal matters. NIF is a unique number that each individual or legal entity has. It’s needed to open a bank account and a company. Is also needed to buy a property, get a loan, get a job, represent your tax, social activities and resident status. To obtain your NIF you will need a Tax Representative which will help you with the procedure and documents needed. The Venture Builder helps you with this service inserted in our Softlanding Programs.

Ineligible Resources

Cash payments, except in situations where this proves to be the most common means of payment; Expenditures paid under contracts concluded through intermediaries or consultants, where the amount to be paid is expressed as a percentage of the amount financed by the RRP or of the eligible expenditures for the project;Acquisition of second-hand goods; Value Added Tax (VAT), recoverable or not by the beneficiary; Acquisition of vehicles, aircrafts and other transport equipment; Interest and financial charges; Working capital; Acquisition of real estate, including land; Leasehold and rights of use of property; Standard advertising; etc.

Eligible Resources

Human resources costs; Expenses with accreditation or technological certification of human resources;
Acquisition of Specialised External Services (business process digitisation, marketing services, etc.); Acquisition or operational leasing of equipment, licensing or software subscription costs; Costs with the protection/enhancement of intellectual property rights; Indirect costs.

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